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-Dr. Birch is working as a postdoctoral fellow at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in fall 2018 researching the "deghettoization" of Holocaust scores from the Soviet canon, and ultimately producing a lecture recital tour with DvA and an album of recovered music alongside Shostakovich violin sonata.  For more information about booking for this tour or about ordering the CD, please contact her directly at: [email protected]

-Her upcoming research includes diverse projects including a study of the effect of music on Nazism and the trajectory of the war, and an extensive research project on the Bukharian Jewry and Tashkent as an artistic refuge in the USSR. 

-Dr. Birch also maintains an active performance and teaching career separately and is always interested in performance opportunities as well as motivated students. She is always happy to hear auditions in both the DC and New York areas for her private studio.